Having run over several months and almost 600 pages on MSPARP alone, it's no surprise that Just Another Sburb RolePlay has quite the plot.

Beginning on November 12, 2012, Just Another Sburb RolePlay began following the events of a mass SBURB session made of over 168 players (Entry wouldn't begin until a player for every combination of canon aspect and class joined), including duplicate titles and trolls despite consisting mostly of human Earthlings. Though it was first advertised and attracted many players over Tumblr , the bulk of communication later moved to MSPARP, which allowed for the plot to unfold at a faster pace. It was soon revealed that the high number of participants wasn't the only strange aspect of the session, with circumstances muddying the already complicated objectives of SBURB further.

Please be forewarned that there will be unmarked spoilers throughout the following pages, as well as others in the plot category. 


Before Entry Edit

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Though much more light-hearted than later events, the lead up to Entering the Medium introduced only a portion of the trials the players would have to over come, as the discovery of doomed selves soon brought to light.

After EntryEdit

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Just the mere act of entering Medium proved to be a challenge to a majority of the JASRPers and revelations of  what the players had gotten themselves into.

Eradicating the Corruption Edit

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The players gear up and prepare to face their hardest fight yet even before their game has begun.

The Aftermath Edit

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Tempers flare and once trusted figures are called into question as the players struggle to decide what is to be done next.

Breeding the Genesis FrogEdit

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The players do their best to get back on track and play the game as they should, though new threats arise.

Going Grimdark Edit

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The players continue their advance towards the endgame, ruffling more than a few feathers.

Playing Games Edit

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New antagonists show themselves and prove to be quite the thorn in the players' sides.


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