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Jay Yufka
Title Knight of Hope
Age 18
Handle offroadWarrior [OW]
Typing Style uses proper capitalization and punctuation when he can be assed to. uses grammer and spellign that is totally correct all of the time yeah
Zodiac Sign Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp
Blood Type Unknown
Strife Specibus Bargamekind (poolstickkind, dartkind, etc.)
Fetch Modus Wallet
Planet Land of Glass and Nymphs


Childhood EditEdit

Jay Yufka was raised in a single parent household by his mother, a successful animator for a famous children's movie studio. While he didn't have a father figure for a while growing up, his mother often showed him her favorite movies including The Road Warrior and Hot Wheels World Race Route 35 which indicated to him what a father is like. Due to the nature of these shows, he often has a warped view of what is 'manly' and often tries to take leadership in an attempt to 'be like Max'. 

After the studio Ma worked at was bought out by a certain fast food chain's CEO, the mildly paranoid conspiracy theorist quit her job, sold their large home, and took her young son to their new business, a small bar out in the middle of no-where, keeping the bar with her old friend Vlad, who took on a father figure and taught Jay many things about the properties of mechanics. However, he was often in-and-out due to his work as a police detective. She continued to run the bar until Jay was 15, when she pulled him out of school, again selling all but their most precious posessions and took to the road in a VW van (later traded for an old pickup and an Airstream camper) to protest the fast food company while homeschooling her son. 

On one of the picketing sessions, Jay was given several copies of the discs for SBURB, and curious ran it on his computer, where he was introduced to the game. Sburb Editwhoops who even knows yet

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Personality and Traits EditEdit

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Relationships EditEdit

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