The Land of Ruins and Candles is the land over which cutesyPainter presides, as the Hero of this planet.

It is notable for serving as a potential gathering place, due to the gentle light of the candles and in fact was used to host a session-wide potluck for the players.


LORAC is a dusty nighttime planet illuminated by starlight and candles ranging from the size of a tealight candle to the size of a small building. Many ruined remains of churches and chapels litter the land, which are home to Dawn's consorts, cream-colored fuzzy spiders. The Land itself is very quiet, save for some ambient noise, and the scenery evokes a beautiful, serene sense of melancholy.

Previously the planet had been covered in a thick fog, making it impossible to navigate without the paths of candles illuminating the way, but after the Land Quest was solved, the fog cleared, opening the view to a beautiful night sky, filled with bright stars and swirling nebulae.

Land QuestEdit

CutesyPainter's quest for the land was seemingly to simply lift the fog from the planet by unearthing the tower that held the quest bed, however, the abilities needed to obtain this goal were intrinsically part of the quest.

CutesyPainter had to learn many things to fulfill her title, namely the ability to excel in combat even despite disadvantageous environments, the ability to communicate effectively with consorts and authority figures, and the ability to tell truth from lie and to look past illusions and confusion to see the path forward.


CutesyPainter's consorts are cream-colored fluffy spiders, who eat the moths that are LORAC's totem animal. CP's quest with the consorts was to eliminate the fog that prevents the moths from seeing, and thusly, being attracted to the candles, and to eliminate the imps that threaten the consort population.

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