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This wikia serves as a way to keep track of the characters, plot, settings and what not of Just Another SBURB Roleplay. As such, any assistance on filling out articles with relevant and true information would be greatly appreciated. At the same time, it must also be asked that your best is done to preserve this wikia in an easy to understand reading style.

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JASRP, or Just Another SBURB Roleplay, is just what its name implies: a roleplay based around the idea of characters playing through their own session of SBURB. It was first established and advertised on Tumblr by Mel (Mage of Time) as a mass SBURB RP, not unlike SBARG. However, since it is not an Augmented Reality Game, many of the events take place online and Out of Character discussion is much more lax.

However, actual In-Character roleplay quickly moved from Tumblr to MSPARP chatrooms as soon as the latter were established. Over the course of several months, the plot has taken many twists and turns, on account of the dwindling yet active number of players who remain.

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