Rei (?) Kamiya

Title Knight of Rage
Age 17
Handle awkwardGesture
Typing Style PRE-ASCENSION: all lowercase, no punctuation. frond of fish puns. british spelling.

POST-ASCENSION (NORMAL): still no caps. fishpuns dropped. begins using punctuation.

POST-ASCENSION (SLEEPLESS): Proper capitalisation and punctuation. RANDOMLY capitalises words when angry or flustered. Occasionally switches to Japanese.

GRIMDARK: all lowercase. no punctuation. when not being translated, uses horrorterror-speak (reverse alphabet)

Zodiac Sign Pisces
Blood Type A
Strife Specibus Bladekind
Fetch Modus mYsterY
Planet Land of Storms and Ire



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AG's AttackEdit

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Latest ShitEdit

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AG is a teenage boy of Asian descent. He is around 5'8 (172 cm), excluding the slouch, and has a medium build, 

Knight zps81739441

AG's god tier outfit

abiet wide-hipped. He is very pale with soft and somewhat feminine features, along with a scar on his upper lip. His eyes are fuschia. His hair is black and somewhat untidy, kept in a Mituna-esque style. He has somewhat small hands and feet. He wears half-rimmed glasses and has braces.

He generally wears a purple and grey long-sleeved jersey type shirt, along with grey shorts, darker grey tights, and battered purple converse. He usually has a nervous or uncomfortable look on his face.


The scars, braces, and need for glasses vanish, along with his slouch. AG appears a bit leaner and slightly less feminine, and significantly more confident. He modifies his god-tier outfit to mirror his original one. Incidentally, he wears shoes in the blood-aspect colours.


Like all grimdark players, AG develops dark grey skin and white hair. His eyes turn a brighter shade of fuschia and glow faintly, and he is perpetually surrounded in a blackish aura. Over time, his teeth sharpened into even points, and his nails consistently grew into claws and took on a blackish tint. His skin has an odd sort of nonporous texture, almost clammy, and is very cold. He is capable of forming tendrils from his grimdark aura and using them as extra appendages. His eyes glow purple when he does the Ragey Thing.

Lately, he wears shackles on his wrists and a collar around his neck, all with locks on them. These are emotional dampeners.

Personality and TraitsEdit

what personality



AG and TB have a very close relationship, stemming from when she sheltered him during his genocidal rampage. The two behave in a sibling-like manner, AG being the younger brother to TB's older sister. AG has shown himself to be very loyal and protective of TB, even going full grimdark when she was put in danger. He has also shown himself to be very codependent on her, being that he's become very unstable in her absence.


CP is the one currently supervising AG.


AG shows extreme aggression towards FS, to the point where the two have been banned from being alone on the same planet together. They do not seem to be able to be around each other without arguing or breaking into a full fight. Lately, AG has been blackflirting with FS's robotic counterpart, and the two have developed a rather volatile kismessitude.


Lustitia Animo Concitati 

Knight specific. Powerful attack that drains the users HP and funnels it into attack power. Will generally result in a User KO or death, depending on the circumstances.

Judecca MaelstromEdit

Field move; the battlefield becomes covered in a storm. All rage players in the vicinity receive a +5 weapon boost.

Splenetic CarnivalEdit

Berzerker mode; essentially turns off the user's body limiters (+10 attack) and severely dulls pain receptors. Players still take the same amount of damage, but it doesn't come into effect until the move ends.

Transcendens FurorEdit

Inflicts Berzerk on all players and enemies in the vicinity

Ira DeiEdit

Space-Rage combo; Causes enemies to go berzerk and fight one another



Battle Aura Grimdark, though pre-GD AG glowed purple when doing the Ragey Thing

Creepy Cute AG preforms mass genocide but is easily embarassed and cuddles kittens in his spare time.

Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette Pre-Grimdark, AG could have used some sun

Evil Makeover Coincidental, seeing as AG went evil at the same time he god-tiered; subverted when he turned good by grimdarking

Power-up Full Colour Change Grimdark

The Worsening Curse Mark AG's grimdarkness seems to be causing him to become progressively less human-looking

White Hair Black Heart AG tends to be rather cold and of dubious morality, especially post GD

Dude Looks Like A Lady AG is very effeminate

Glowing Eyes Of Doom AG's eyes are a rather bright colour just by being grimdark, and glow purple during the Ragey Thing

Red Eyes Take Warning Technically, they're fuschia, but the point stands

Hermaphrodite Implied

Bizarre Human Biology AG doesn't have a nipples or bellybutton

Combat Tentacles Recently, he gained the ability to grab things with tendrils made of grimdark energy

Retractable Appendages Said tendrils are retractable

Scary Teeth AG has Grell teeth


Absolute Xenophobe AG has some kind of beef with non-humans

Did You Just Scam Cthulhu AG kind of screwed the HT's over at more than one point

Freakiness Shame AG gets very defensive when his physical appearance is brought up

Berserk Button TB

Conditioned To Accept Horror AG is rather hard to phase

Brutal Honesty

The Corruptible The HT's have managed to get under his skin multiple times

Desperately Craves Affection

Extreme Doormat AG doesn't seem to know what to do with himself when left to his own devices

Hates Being Alone Practically a phobia

Hikikomori Pre-game

Innocently Insensitive AG doesn't really realise how blunt he is

Knight Templar During his mass genocide crusade

Man Child

Manipulative Bastard Pre-grimdark

Paralyzing Fear Of Sexuality FS, SS and AE once made him cry from innuendo

Poisonous Friend AG's relationship with TB

Socially Awkward Hero Not afraid of major battles but will avoid social gatherings like the plague

Stopped Caring Under emotional dampeners

Well Intentioned Extremist AG in a nutshell

First Name Basis Cultural; Do not use his first name without permission

Good Is Not Nice Even when he's on the good side, AG rarely sugarcoats

Made Out To Be A Jerkass Nice when you get to know him

Love Martyr Platonic; He was willing to confess to something he didn't do in order to help his surrogate sister


Gratuitous Japanese Justified, given that it's his first language.

Black Speech Being grimdark, AG speaks horrorterror

Kansai Regional Accent AG mentioned his family speaking Kansai dialect Japanese

Hurricane Of Puns Don't get him started on fish puns. Just don't.

Surprisingly Good English


All Asians Know Martial Arts AG knows Aikido

Meaningful Name 'Rei' can mean many things depending on the kanji used. Relevent meanings include: 'Dark', 'Bow/Salute' and 'Prisoner'

Gender Blender Name Incidentally, Rei is a girls' name more often than not

Land and ConsortsEdit


The Land of Storms and Ire is a highly unpleasant environment. It's described as having a blood-red sky, covered in dark stormclouds that ravaged the land. While these clouds disappeared after he completed his quest, the land itself has yet to improve. The actual land is barren and lifeless, save for occasional dead-looking trees that inexplicably grow a strange red fruit.


AG's consorts are all large pythons, all of which speak with distinctly English accents. (I'll finish this later)


  • The exact kanji used in AG's name are as follows: 幽霊 (Yuurei; 'Ghost') 神谷 (Kamiya; 'God-valley').
  • AG has a moderate garlic allergy, which carried over to his god-tier self
  • AG has an aversion to strawberry candy, probably stemming from the incident in which he lost his voice
  • AG is fluent in both Japanese and English, along with their respective sign-languages